Beslissing maken op basis van emotie of ratio

For complex decisions that you need to make quickly, it is better to rely on your gut and for simpler things, it is better to use your reasoning. Complex decisions refer to those situations where multiple factors have to be taken into account to make sense of the situation. It is according to a 2011 study by scientist Mikels and others.

Emotion versus ratio

Your subconscious mind is a very powerful machine that can handle many complex factors simultaneously. Your rational faculty is less able to handle these kinds of complex situations. This does not imply that one is better than the other, it just indicates that they are, as it were, two different tools in your brain that you can both deploy.

It often happens that people have to make a decision in a split second and do not have time to think about it rationally. Take a surgeon acting in an emergency, a firefighter who needs to take the best route at a fire and a footballer who wants to kick the ball into the goal.

Unlike your ratio, your subconscious has learned to think from all sorts of connections. Your subconscious makes a choice for you based on your past experiences.

By the way, it is the so-called spontaneous visitors who make decisions mainly based on emotion. This contrasts with the methodical visitor, who makes their choices very rationally. For these people, it is good to realise that in certain situations it is better to engage either your conscious or your unconscious in making the decision.

Use your ratio in new situations

In entirely new situations, it is wise to think rationally about the best solution. Even if you have very little time. This is because in such a case, your subconscious has no comparative information from the past and the decision may turn out to be wrong. It is your rational ability that can assess a new situation and tell you what is best to do based on the facts.

Be happy with your decision

Sometimes it is good to go through the options carefully and analyse the various possibilities. And sometimes we have to go by our gut. Science shows that. It's good to know that so you can use it in making your decisions.

Besides, as far as we are concerned, it is good to be satisfied with the decision you have made. Time will tell how it turns out further. You never know in advance the exact effects of your decision, any more than you know what the effect would have been of the decision you did not make.

Nice video

According to Ap Dijksterhuis, a Dutch luminary in the world of the subconscious, we often do not know why we do things at all, and simply try to rationalise the choices we have made based on emotion afterwards.

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