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Sharing and enriching knowledge is the purpose of this collaboration. Together, we can take digital experiences to an even higher level! 

The mutual passion for human centered design has proven to be a perfect matchmaker for Concept7 and Unravel. This means listening to your target group to truly understand them. Only with this solid base can products be made that users really love, which in turn leads to better user experiences and higher conversion rates. That’s what we call digital success!

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Ricardo van Lemmen Oprichter Unravel Concept7 Amsterdam Ricardo van Lemmen Oprichter Unravel

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Overname Unravel Concept7 Amsterdam

About the two agencies


Concept7 is a multi-award-winning digital strategy agency with a multitude of expertises and a diverse client base. We research, design, develop and test digital products for startups, the government and international players, like KPN, EasyToys, HypotheekVisie and MVO Nederland.


Unravel is a young Digital Product agency with experience in concepting, design and development. They create beautiful projects, including for Gemeente Amsterdam, Topicus, VonWood, Vintage Cashcow, Expert and Smiler.

Working together means creating synergy and combining the power of two great design agencies. Together we are more innovative, we create more impact and we guarantee even more digital success to our clients.
Valentijn Concept7

Valentijn Duijser

Director Concept7

Emerce100 Concept7
Kantoor Unravel Amsterdam

What to expect?

This collaboration offers many new opportunities: for us, but also for our clients. However, some things will never change. We will continue to deliver at the highest level, as clients have come to expect from both parties.

Digital knowledge throughout all of the Netherlands

Concept7 has its roots in Groningen, but our clients work internationally. Our knowledge and expertise is therefore valuable throughout all of the Netherlands. This is why we have opened our doors in Utrecht at the end of 2022. With the addition of Unravel in Amsterdam, we are able to guarantee an even better service for our clients in the Randstad from 2023 onwards. This way, clients can reach us easily and we can offer a better workplace for those with the biggest ambitions.

An even larger professional team

We are currently pooling the strengths and knowledge of 56 creative thinkers and creators. And we’re not done growing! This means that our clients are assured of an even broader scope in various areas of expertise.

The collaboration offers a wider range of expertise and skills, resulting in a more comprehensive service for our clients, but also for the Northern clients who like to meet in Amsterdam. A classic win-win for both parties!
Ricardo van Lemmen Oprichter Unravel Concept7 Amsterdam

Ricardo van Lemmen

Founder Unravel

Discover the benefits of this collaboration

What will you notice of this new step as a client? Only benefits! The team is expanding, the knowledge and skills are more extensive and the familiar faces remain on board. Shall we have a cup of coffee soon so that we can personally discuss this new step with you?

Onze mensen

Wij zijn een toegewijd en ambitieus team van professionals. Met expertise in Concepting, Design en Development hebben we alles in huis om de tech achter jouw venture te creëren. We stellen ons graag voor!

Jelmer Concept7 Amsterdam
Jelmer Idzenga UX/UI Designer
Darren Talbot Development Lead Unravel Concept7 Amsterdam
Darren Talbot Development Lead
Meeuwis Concept7 Amsterdam
Meeuwis van den Born Project Manager
Mitchell Concept7 Amsterdam
Mitchell van Heel UX/UI Designer
Ricardo van Lemmen Oprichter Unravel Concept7 Amsterdam
Ricardo van Lemmen Manager Amsterdam

De vernieuwers voor de digitale economie

Wij helpen je!
Niru Jayua Anuradha Ravi Concept7 Amsterdam
Niru Jaya Anuradha Ravi Front-end Developer
Sara Wildbret Visual Designer Concept7
Sara Wildbret Visual Designer

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