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You have an idea. But how do you make sure your idea becomes a reality? And how do you make sure your idea becomes a success? We will help you think out your product or service, and test it with your (potential) customers.

How do we do that?

It is tempting to immediately work out a solution. Only is it really the best solution? To determine what the best solution is, we first need to get to know your organisation and, of course, your (potential) customers. For this, we use workshops and interviews.

Then we establish the design challenge: what is the challenge we need to solve to offer added value to (potential) customers? Once the design challenge is clear, we explore several concept directions together with you and your team. Then we determine and test which one has the best chance of success.

Developing a concept can be quite hectic, which is why close collaboration is very important. We prefer to work together in the same room, and preferably in sprints (a defined amount of time) to keep focus.

What do you get at the end of a draft sprint?

A solution direction for your new product or service, tested with your (potential) customers. In the concept, we include:

  • The concept idea.

  • Your target group.

  • The customer journeys.

  • User stories.

  • Design principles.

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This is the foundation for further elaboration down to the smallest details as a follow-up step: either by yourself or together with us in a design sprint.

Does a concept still sound a bit abstract? Maybe the example below will help make it a bit more concrete.

Example concept: The concept for Noorderpoort

For Noorderpoort (One of the largest ROCs in the Northern Netherlands), we designed the new website. We started with a concept phase.

One of the key insights from interviews we had conducted with the target group was, "What a prospective student is going to do right now is more important than the profession he or she can enter in four years."

From all the information we gathered from workshops and interviews, we crystallised the concept for the new website:

"Noorderpoort gives a true picture of the content and atmosphere of your education. So you always know where you stand, and determine whether an education suits you."

The concept ultimately influenced the entire site: from information provision, navigation, visual design, text to photography. And with success!

Why choose Concept7?

Because the word concept is in our name 😉 Not a good reason? Okay. We have years of experience designing concepts. From startups to existing companies. Experience with concepts for websites, processes, blogs, and ways of working. Besides, we are down-to-earth, and love to do.

Would you like to develop a concept with us? Or do you have any questions? Contact Valentine below.

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