Visual design: laat je merk online tot leven komen met een aantrekkelijk digital design

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In the first milliseconds, your target group determines its first impression. Even digitally. Visual design is an important part of this. How do you translate your brand and values to the digital world? And how do you make your brand promise tangible?

We are happy to help you with a rock-solid digital design that appeals to your target audience.

  • Since 1999 expert in digital design

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What is visual design?

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Collaborating for the best result

Wat is visual design?

Visual design encompasses all the visual expressions you have as a brand both on and offline. Digital expressions are about more than just the aesthetics of a website or app. You also improve usability, ease of use, with visual design. This is accompanied by User Experience (UX) design. Here, visual design focuses on the design of websites and other digital solutions.

A strong brand has a strong brand experience. What do you stand for as a brand? What is your purpose and who is your target audience? Once this is clear, our visual designers translate this into 'design principles'. These principles are the basis for all components, such as typography, colour, imagery, illustrations, icons, etc. This way, you have consistent and clear story to the outside world, in all your expressions.

Wat is het doel van visual design?

First impressions increasingly start online. That's why you want to make a good impression, and set your organisation apart from your competitors.

A recognisable and consistent style throughout the customer journey at all touch-points.

A design that is not only pleasant to look at, but also to use.

Activate the visitor through colours, buttons and icons.

Standing out as a brand is a challenge in the digital world. That is why it is essential to create a strong brand. By clearly knowing what you want to convey as a brand, we create a visual design to match. This ensures a strong brand experience and improves online interaction with your target audience.
Jaap Concept7

Jaap de Vries

Visual design lead

Hoe pakken we visual design aan?

Once the UX design is approved by you, our visual designers get to work creating the online brand experience. Our design process is as follows:

Human-centred design as a guiding principle

Your user is at the centre of everything for us. An accessible design that reflects your brand. Everything for the best user experience. We therefore always work from a strategic framework.

1. Strategy session

We translate your brand identity and brand concept into a digital design. To do this, we immerse ourselves in your brand and target group. What do you want to radiate? How does the target group see you and what do they need?

Discover how we did this for top basketball club Donar


Don't have a corporate identity yet or are you ready for something new? Together with you and the rest of the organisation, we are happy to develop or update a corporate identity that suits your target group. From logos, corporate identity colours, photography to typography.

2. Design concept

After we know your brand through and through, a concept with style direction comes to the table. This can be different directions. The designers check in with you to see if they are on the right track.

3. Elaboration

Once the strategy and concept are clear, we roll up our sleeves and the designing can begin. All the elements come together to form a whole. We design for all devices: from mobile to widescreen monitor. We also agree on technical feasibility at an early stage.

Think about:

The right fonts for online use

Colour use

Photos and images

Style elements



Plane division

Donar design elementen
Design elements for Donar
Case Aquacell waterontharder website Concept7
Visual design for Aquacell

Wat krijg je aan het einde van een ontwerpsprint?

  • We develop the design into an interactive prototype. Not only you, but also your target audience can now experience and judge your website or app. With clickable pages that are already animated, you get a good idea of the user experience. If possible, we like to validate the prototype with your target group, for example with a eyetrack. By testing, you are assured of an optimal design.

  • Designing unique pages and style elements in a style guide.

  • Both the prototype and the design we design for mobile and desktop: this way we have the most extreme starting points of your website or application.

In short: we ensure a perfect user experience, the right branding and a 'pixel perfect' user interface design.

De volgende fase van digitaal succes

Is the design completely finished? Then it's time for realisation by our developers or transfer to your in-house technical party. The design is now brought to life. We watch along during construction. So we can spar and make adjustments where necessary.

Our CRO specialists are also happy to take a look at how to properly launch your site or app and make it findable for your target audience.

Logo concept Hypotheek Visie
Design concept for Hypotheek Visie
The Alpha Men homepage website design
Visual design for The Alpha Men

Samen voor het beste resultaat

We prefer to work together a lot. With your users, and with you or your colleagues. We determine the exact starting points in advance and then we can start designing. Together, we exchange ideas and discuss elaborations.

We are not an agency you only see at the beginning and end of a project. By working closely together, you avoid surprises, influence choices quickly and explain choices internally. That makes the end product better!

Waarom kiezen voor Concept7?

Besides our close collaboration with you, we believe that visual design should be accessible, user-friendly and recognisable. We do this by understanding your target audience as well as possible through you and your colleagues, but if possible by involving your users.

We have been putting the user at the centre of design since 1999. A proven approach that has brought successful digital solutions to many clients. From startups, educational institutions, municipalities, banks, insurers, governments, family businesses to international companies.

Want to do a design print with us?

We are happy to help you with visual design for your brand or organisation.

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