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Customer Journey Concept7

How do users go through your website or app? And do you want to improve the customer experience of your service?

The customer journey (also called 'customer journey') helps you think from the perspective of (potential) customers. It visualises all the steps a user goes through to achieve a goal. Because each step shows your user's needs, questions, tasks, goals and thresholds, it is a perfect tool for spotting opportunities.

Our customer journey experts will be happy to help you create your (digital) customer journey.

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Wat is een customer journey?

A customer journey (customer journey) is a visualisation of all the steps a user goes through in achieving a goal: from first contact to becoming a customer, and from becoming a customer to a long-term relationship.

It is a tool for understanding what customers or users go through when performing a specific task, such as buying a new pair of shoes, making a donation or taking out a subscription. Depending on your industry, you can also speak of a candidate journey in the recruitment industry or client journey in the healthcare sector, for example.

By conducting user research, you put yourself in your user's shoes to understand how they think and feel during interactions with your brand. You then represent this visually using customer journey mapping. In it, you include all contact points between the customer and your company, also known as 'touchpoints'.

Waarom is een customer journey belangrijk?

Collecting all the knowledge about your users in a visual representation gives you instant insight into where you are serving your users well, but also where they are not doing well. And in which phases there are opportunities to improve the customer experience. As an organisation, you learn to think from the perspective of your (potential) user and look at your service as a whole.

Moreover, you motivate employees throughout your organisation to understand the needs, goals, questions and feelings of (potential) users. And capture relevant information clearly and centrally.

In short, with a customer journey you gain insight into:

Motivations, perceptions and pain points of your customers

Key contact points during your customers' journey

Opportunities for improvement at each customer stage

With these insights, you can design the right flows and steps for your website or app. So that you offer the right information at each stage and motivate the visitor to move further down the funnel. As a result:

  • Greater competitive advantage;

  • A higher customer appreciation;

  • More conversions and higher retention.

Customer Journey
Customer Journey Concept7

Hoe brengen we een customer journey in kaart?

Our experienced experts work with you to gain a deep understanding of your customers and their interactions with your brand. We organise workshops to jointly analyse and map the customer journey.

Before we start

Human Centered Design is our top priority. We research and design from the user's point of view. For the best insights, a customer journey therefore starts with your users. What do you already know about your users?

If you have relevant research, we would be happy to receive it from you. We will go through these in preparation for a workshop.

Getting to know your users in a customer journey workshop

Based on the user insights, we plot the customer journey. We can approach a customer journey workshop in two ways:

  1. We provide a customer journey workshop attended by employees from different teams or departments. Preferably employees who know a lot about customers or have a lot of customer contact. In the workshop, we capture present knowledge and experiences about users, e.g. identifying all touchpoints.

  2. If you have too little knowledge about your users, we can also help by first working with you customised user research, such as conducting depth interviews. We then create a customer journey using the insights gained. After this, we complete the customer journey together with several employees in a workshop.

The latter approach delivers the most complete customer journey possible. This is because you then have insights from both sides, employees and users.

Customer journey mapping

We translate the outcomes from the workshop into a visual representation of your customer journey. This shows the steps customers go through and the most important contact points, including their motivations, experiences and pain points. This makes all relevant knowledge about your users and opportunities for improvement clear at a glance.

Would you like to know what we can do for you? Get advice from our customer journey experts Ivo, Sjoerd and Linn

Want to improve your customer journey?

We are happy to support you in creating a customer journey. Ready for the next step? Together, we will make your website or app more user-friendly with a new UX design, and increase conversions.

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We have been creating customer journeys with our clients since 1999. Check out examples from KIJCK. makelaars, Gemeente Groningen en Obelink. We know what we're talking about. The customer journey will perfectly match your customers' specific needs and expectations.

The result? An improved customer experience and growth for your brand in an ever-changing (digital) environment.

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