In an eyetrack survey, users from your (potential) target audience perform tasks on your prototype, website or app. With our eyetrack monitor, we know where users are looking on the screen. One of our user researchers guides the respondent using a test set-up. 

With an eyetrack survey, you gain insight into:

  • Bottlenecks that reduce conversion.

  • How users scan your website or app.

  • What elements attract attention.

  • What elements are not seen or perceived.

  • What people are (looking at).

  • Insight into motivation and expectations.

An eyetrack survey is also great for testing whether assumptions/assumptions are correct. You also often get inspiring insights to increase your conversion rate.

User research on mobile

Even on mobile, it is possible to identify bottlenecks that negatively impact your conversion. Mobile is often used situationally or in a different context. Users make different demands on a website or app and suffer from different bottlenecks.

In mobile user research, it is also possible to watch along and see where users press the screen. This allows us to investigate what users encounter when performing a task.

How does an eyetrack survey work?

Together with you, we draw up research questions. What do we want to achieve with the research? Why is it necessary to investigate this and what are the focal points in this?

We determine the target group(s), draw up a respondent profile and determine in consultation who does the recruitment. We can arrange this for you but can also support you with your own recruitment.

During the study itself, one of our user researchers leads the survey. A respondent is given various tasks behind the eye track monitor. An 'eye tracker' is a special device that we have linked to a desktop monitor. It contains sensors that detect eye movement and fixations. It provides valuable information on viewing behaviour. 

Our user researcher observes users' behaviour, asks to get to the core and makes sure we thoroughly test all tasks.

We can conduct user research both at our office and on location, and you can always watch along. Watching along may also be possible remotely, or later based on video recordings. 

What do you get in an eye track?

After a thorough analysis, you will receive a practical, short and concise report with all the findings and areas for improvement from the test. We also make suggestions for improvement.

We will go through the report with you over the phone or on location for clarification and questions. If you wish, you can also get video recordings of the eye track.

With all the findings, areas for improvement and suggestions, you can easily improve your site or app, or use our report for conversations with internal stakeholders. 

Why choose Concept7?

We have been conducting user research with our own eyetrack equipment for more than 10 years. We were the 1st agency in the Netherlands with our own eyetrack monitor in our industry. So we can tell you all about it but even better; we can help you get maximum return from an eyetrack.

Do you also want to know how well your users can perform tasks on your website or app? Or do you have any questions? contact John below.

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