Software testing: met de juiste vragen naar een perfect werkend digitaal product

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Are you an ambitious software tester looking for a challenging environment, where you can refine your skills and further develop your passion for technology?

Or does your company need reliable software that customers can rely on? And are you looking for a partner who can help you do that?

We are your experienced testing partner:

  • Since 1999, we have had an unprecedented passion for testing, and it continues to grow!

  • Testing experience in every market and with various methodologies

  • ISTQB and TMap certified*

Meet software testing

There are 90,563 ways to place 3 building blocks on top of each other, walk routes and solve problems. 

When it comes to software testing, asking critical questions is half the battle. Because that's how you might find out that one of those building blocks is fixed. That in turn makes for 33.333% less searching and a well-functioning digital product faster.

Software testing means walking routes and asking critical questions

With software testing, you check the functionalities of a digital product. By taking various routes, but above all by (continuing to) ask critical questions. What happens when something happens that does not fit into the normal user flow? Suppose a user wants to make an online purchase on a website, but is redirected to a 404 page. Our testers check the entire digital product in a structured way, reporting any errors and thereby ensuring quality.

Basically, what do you test with software?

Software meets customer expectations

There are no unexpected error messages

The software does not suddenly stop working

The speed (performance) is sufficient

The security risks to your organisation and your users are as small as possible (security testing)

The usability of your website is as optimal as possible (usability testing).

Some of our testing options

What all can be tested within your app, website or other digital product? We would like to give you an idea of the versatility within the world of testing.

Structured testing

Because our testers are well trained in the different methodologies, they can tailor a testing strategy for each project. One possible elaboration could be:

Unit test

We test individual software modules, a menu selection or another part of your software.

Integration test

Different software modules are connected and tested as a whole.

System test

Multiple components that work perfectly well independently of each other may still produce an error together. Here, we test all units in conjunction with each other.

Acceptance test

The client/user walks through the website.

Exploratory testing

Based on experience, you start test execution and look for errors. This is an ideal method to use in agile and scrum development projects, but also in waterfall projects.

Regression tests

This is re-running previous tests so that even after the release of your website, delivered software continues to work. Here, we use test automation tools such as Selenium, Robotframework, Cypress, Tosca or Postman.

Want to learn more about testing?

Also benefit from the experience and expertise of highly qualified software testers.

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Software tester Concept7

De voordelen van testen met Concept7

We think through everything (but really everything) thoroughly and keep asking critical questions. Together with you, we set a clear end goal, which is divided into sprints. In each sprint, new functionalities are delivered and checked.

Why test with Concept7?

  • Reliable and safe through rigorous testing.

  • Save on long-term costs. With our thorough testing processes, we minimise the risk of errors.

  • Good working software gives you a competitive advantage in the market that allows you to deliver consistent quality.

  • Save time through our fast and efficient software testing processes.

  • Our testers can be deployed on a short-term basis, as well as on a longer-term and seconded basis.

We believe in early testing: the earlier in the development process any errors are identified, the faster they can be addressed. And so time and costs are saved.
Mattijs Kemmink Test Lead Concept7

Mattijs Kemmink

Test consultant within Concept7

Haal als tester meer uit software testen

Are you looking for a place where you can pursue your passion for software testing, further develop your skills and contribute to challenging, innovative projects? Or are you an experienced tester who strives to continuously renew yourself in an environment where you are valued and your work really makes a difference?

I came in with the idea of developing as a team lead or scrum master, but I still missed the real test work. Fortunately, I was given the space to develop as a test automation expert and can specialise further in this at a cool client close to home.
Tom Kuper Concept7

Tom Kuper

Test consultant

Sneller fouten opsporen met tussentijds testen

You don't have to wait with software testing until the digital product is fully developed. Our test team can already start testing during the design phase. Because you don't want to be left with a lot of bugs (errors) at the end.

Sneller complexe softwaretesten uitvoeren met testautomatisering

Need to perform large numbers of tests for complex software over a longer period of time? Then we deploy test automation. By automating test scripts, we can verify regression.

Alle kennis in huis met een gecertificeerd testteam

The testers within Concept7 are people with a critical eye. We are proud of our experienced and certified team of testers who feel the intrinsic motivation to figure everything out, are always curious and can look at their own work objectively.

What do we have in place?

  • Certified Testing Fundamentals for Software Engineers (TFSE). All our testers and developers hold a TFSE certificate. Here, they learn about a practical and pragmatic approach that can be directly applied in most everyday projects.

  • Inexhaustible source of knowledge concerns usability and user experience. We also have our own UX-lab at our disposal with eye-tracking tools.

Van korte tot lange testprojecten

Our testers can be deployed for short periods, but also for longer periods. They can be seconded to the customer, at our office (in Utrecht, Amsterdam or Groningen) or from home. We are all about good communication and pleasant cooperation.

Ook softwaretest-trainingen mogelijk

We like to share our knowledge (and passion) of software testing with you. From science-based theory, to practical solutions in everyday work. Our 3-day accredited training course will give you an interesting deep-dive into the world of software testing. Take a quick look at our basic training course Testing fundamentals for software.

What can we do for each other?

Are you a tester and looking for a new challenge? Would you like to know how our talented testers can be deployed in your project? Or would you like to attend an accredited testing training course with us?

*ISTQB is an internationally recognised authority that makes qualification for software testing, which has been in existence for more than 25 years. This qualification provides a solid foundation in the key principles of software testing.

The TMap certificate is an internationally recognised qualification that demonstrates expertise in software testing.

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